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GM-20 is a Fixed-wing UAV, powered with a 60cc 2-stroke gasoline engine. With a 2.68m wingspan, it can fly up to 3.5 hours. Max payload capability is 6kg. Can be equipped with various optronic pod  and datalink upon various scenarios. Most of our customers typically choose to fly with a 30x EO camera w/ LWIR… Read More »News

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Basic Parameters Typical Application Scenarios GM-200 was used in the artificial rainfall. It carried two groups of chemicals and flew over the clouds. When the UAV comes above the cloud, it ignited the chemicals to make the little water drops of the cloud convert into bigger ice crystals. Finally, they fall down from the cloud.… Read More »News

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Basic Parameters Typical Application Scenarios GM-100 can be used in any sorts of inspection mission. It can carry electro-optical pod or other cameras to support the function that getting the videos or images of the interesting target.

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GM-1B Pro

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GM-20 throttle test
GM-20 Flight Test

Based on development strategy, all our products fits into three phases. The standard products are mature & stable, and can be delivered immediately or only need a short preparation time. Usually products in this phase can quickly being adapted to meet client’s payload requirements which requires no development involved. Products under active-development will be the… Read More »News

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Journey to IDEX2023 (UAE)

From February 17, 2023, to February 23, 2023, our team flew to UAE to visit the International Defence Exhibition & Conference,IDEX 2023.

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