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Basic Parameters

  • Body length: 4300mm
  • Wingspan: 6200mm
  • Structure weight: 122kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 260kg
  • Max payload: 80kg
  • Endurance time: 6h
  • Take-off mode: Runway take-off
  • Standard cruising speed: 36m/s
  • Maximum level flight ceiling: altitude 5500m
  • Wind resistance in fixed-wing mode: Strong breeze.
  • Maximum wind resistance in rotor takeoff and landing mode: Moderate breeze (For days with gust, condition can be relaxed to Near gale)
  • UAV operating environment temperature: -20°C~45°C

Typical Application Scenarios

GM-200 can be used in weather modification and variety scenarios. It can carry two set of chemicals and flew over the clouds. When the UAV comes above the cloud, it ignited the chemicals to make the little water drops of the cloud convert into bigger ice crystals. Finally, they fall down from the cloud. It is so called, “Cloud seeding”.