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GM-20 is a Fixed-wing UAV, powered with a 60cc 2-stroke gasoline engine. With a 2.68m wingspan, it can fly up to 3.5 hours. Max payload capability is 6kg.

Can be equipped with various optronic pod  and datalink upon various scenarios. Most of our customers typically choose to fly with a 30x EO camera w/ LWIR or MWIR thermal camera, together with 30km datalink.

Contact sales for your requirements or customization, such as payload integration / datalink power / ground control / batteries etc.

Wing Span2.68m
Max Takeoff Weight22kg
Endure Time3.5h
Cruise Speed120km/h
Min Turning Radius150m
Ceiling ALT4800m
Task Radius300km
Payload Weight6kg
Power2-Stroke Gasoline Engine
Max Speed140km/h
Fuel Tank3.5L
Guidance ModeGPS + INS