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GM-20 Flight Test

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GM-20 throttle test

Based on development strategy, all our products fits into three phases.

Standard Product

Active-development Product

Pre-research & Feasibility Study

The standard products are mature & stable, and can be delivered immediately or only need a short preparation time. Usually products in this phase can quickly being adapted to meet client’s payload requirements which requires no development involved.

Products under active-development will be the main force of the next generation product line. In this phase, verified technologies and solutions will make the product to satisfy the needs from clients and market. Intense development and test will be carried out during this phase.

Pre-research is mainly for advancing with the front edge of the industry. Like mesh topology communication, AI-aided decision making, Object identification, Realtime image mosaic, Image super-resolution etc. Usually, introduction of new technology also brings more uncertainty, so verification tests are usually carried out on a smaller flight platform first. Then the verified parts may be integrated into the products in the future.

Flight tests are carried out regularly, for sub-system and whole system.

GM-20 is a fixed wing UAV with a 2-stroke gasoline engine. It can fly up to 3.5h. MTOW is 22kg. Typical cruise speed is 120km/h. For more info about GM-20 refer to:


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