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GM-100 In Hangar

Basic Parameters

  • Body length: 3880mm
  • Wingspan: 5000mm
  • Structure weight: 63kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 115kg
  • Max payload: 30kg
  • Endurance time: 5h
  • Take-off mode: Runway take-off
  • Standard cruising speed: 33m/s
  • Maximum level flight ceiling: altitude 5000m
  • Wind resistance in fixed-wing mode: Strong breeze.
  • Maximum wind resistance in rotor takeoff and landing mode: Moderate breeze (For days with gust, condition can be relaxed to Near gale)
  • UAV operating environment temperature: -20°C~45°C

Typical Application Scenarios

GM-100 can be used in any sorts of inspection mission. It can carry electro-optical pod or other cameras to support the function that getting the videos or images of the interesting target.