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The Ultimate Drone Platform for multiple Task Scenarios

GM-100 is an advanced drone platform for multiple task scenarios.

Wanna easy landing solutions?

Hundreds of VTOL on the web, and how to select one for your desire. Our experience help you choose the right VTOL system.

User friendly ground control process.

A simple use ground control station and its software can keep you from boring settings and misoperations.

Extensive industry experience

Our team will give different options according to your industry expects.

Photoelectric load

Pods and cameras, different selection meets different need.

Take-off weight

GM-X Series UAVs on the shelf provide you immediately selections.

Flight duration

Different flight duration at your choice.

Customizable UAV system meets various mission scenarios

GM-200 could be what you need.

GM-200 Features

The things you get when buying this UAV – base model


GM-200 has a take-off weight of 200kg which make it be installed different equipment.


The Integrated Navigation System give you accurate and secure positioning capability of your drone on the air.

Auto Pilot

Autonomous flight control unit could give you safe and easy control method of your UAV.


Unlike other big system, GM-200 make your maintenance team feel comfortable and give you a low-cost maintenance choice.

6 Hours

GM-200 supply you with at most 6 hours flight time for your custom mission.

Security Strategy

Security is a central requirement when designing GM-200 system. A number of professional software and hardware designs relieve your security anxiety.

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GM-1B Pro

GM-1B VTOL system make you aerial photography and reconnaissance mission easy. See more.

Profession test on produts

Every GM-X Series UAV have been under rigorous test before delivered to users.